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Stick War: Legacy MOD Unlimited All Description

Stick War: Legacy is a popular game from the stickmen series, but this time the main task is not to destroy hordes of monsters or zombies, but to lead a large army in order to capture enemy territories. In the end you should try to become the ruler of the entire continent and all the surrounding lands. Here you can download Stick War: Legacy MOD apk, which will greatly facilitate the task and reveal you unlimited gaming opportunities.

About the game

In Stick War: Legacy, you have to control not only drawn human warriors, but also miners, sending them to the mines to extract resources. Precious metal in the form of gold in the magical world called Inamorta is needed to build new buildings and buy troops. Upgrading, of course, will take a lot of time, and if you want to start winning right away, with MOD Stick War: Legacy it will be possible. At first you'll have the simplest units at your disposal, armed with sticks and clubs. But once you defeat one of the nations, get its technology and can create new types of warriors.

Having downloaded hacked Stick War: Legacy, you can not fear account lockout. The fact that this is not multiplayer, but a single offline game, that is, you will have advantages not against real players, but against the computer (artificial intelligence).

In the game, not only you will be attacked, but also at you, and here analytical skills are important to properly build your own army. Even unlimited in-game currency will not save you if you make a mistake in defense. Any battle will take place against the background of a statue, which is a symbol of independence and survival, and therefore it must be protected at all costs.

With numerous quests, the gameplay is more diverse. For example, there is a quest to hold the defense until sunset, or destroy the main statue of the opponent, and so on.

In Stick War: Legacy you can choose from three difficulty levels:

  1. Normal
  2. Difficult
  3. Insane

No matter which one you choose, the gameplay remains the same - managing your army and completing missions. But the higher the difficulty, the less at your disposal will be stickmen, respectively complicates the earning of in-game currency and pumping units. Mod Stick War: Legacy simplifies the game a bit, but not so much that it was not interesting to play.

There are a total of 7 types of units available for control: miners, archers, pikemen, swordsmen, mages, castle archers and giants. Each class has its own health and damage stats. The same swordsmen show themselves well in a group, and the giant even alone is able to deal with an entire army of the enemy, being under the direct control of the player.

In Stick War: Legacy you can change skins of all characters, which brings variety to gameplay. Upgrading (strengthening) is performed in the armory. And the player will also have access to spells that give additional opportunities for maneuvers.

Weekly quests

Even after completing the storyline, the player will have something to do. The developer has provided additional missions, and each with its own conditions and tasks. For example, certain units or gold mines can be blocked. All this complicates the gameplay, but if you successfully complete a mission, the player will get a generous reward for pumping up the troops.


Several times a day you can test your strength against game characters, with the prospect of winning the crown of Inamorta. Opponents are realized as if they were real players, but in fact they are artificial intelligence, and each has its own tactics, the ability to use spells, and even provoke the player to rash actions.

Infinite Mode

The mode's specialty: the once-reanimated dead have killed a famous stickman mage, and the latter is out for revenge. There are jumping, underground and poisonous zombies that are randomly generated in each stage.

Important! The point of playing this mode is to survive as many nights as possible fighting back the reanimated dead. There is no limit to the number of attempts to complete the mode, so you can postpone the battle, pump up your army, and try again.


As a strategy game, Stick War: Legacy has slightly atypical controls:

  1. Select a character by tapping on it
  2. Move left or right with the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen. 3.
  3. Attacking is automatic as soon as a unit sees the opponent.

All units of a certain type follow the selected hero, repeating his actions.

The control will seem awkward at first, but after a couple or three battles you quickly get used to it.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of Stick War Legacy:

  • different difficulty levels (different achievements are available for each)
  • Beginners are given hints on what to do
  • mission updates every week
  • Painted graphics sparing the battery charge of the smartphone
  • sound design that creates an atmosphere of battle and tension
  • landscape orientation
  • learning new technologies as you progress through the story - against each nation you need to form your squad in a special way
  • a variety of weapons and equipment items that will help you stand up to the enemy army
  • you can control both individual units and the entire squad at once, and the management has become much easier than in previous updates.
  • Single-player campaign "Birth of the Order Empire" with 6 bonus levels and with increasing complexity of the locations as you go along
  • virtual tournament "Crown of Inamorta"
  • zombie-mode for "killing time", where the task is to survive as long as possible
  • additional modes that bring variety: "Victory before sunset", "Fight to the death", "Advanced Statue"
  • customization and improvement of character characteristics by choosing skins (for example, if you wear "undead skin", the killed warrior is reborn as a zombie).
  • the game works without an internet connection


  • built-in advertising (in the mod it is cut out)
  • few levels (if you get carried away, the game can be completed in one day)

Download Stick War: Legacy is a mobile remake of the original Stick Wars, the hardcore strategy game that started a whole series of games. One of the hardest things about the original version boiled down to the fact that you'd either have to "grind" for a long time or replay the same levels to earn money to successfully complete. Hack, which gives a large amount of in-game currency, completely solves this issue. With it you can enjoy the gameplay directly, and without any difficulties such as boring currency farming or playing a specific set of units, because the pumping of others do not have the funds.

Many people, who tried this game for the first time, criticize the graphics, but we recommend not to make hasty conclusions. After a couple of missions you will realize that it best suits the gameplay.

Despite the minimalistic graphic design, the game will appeal to fans of the Stickman theme. Moreover, nothing will distract you from the main task. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced players in the genre of strategies. In Stick War: Legacy you will find an exciting story, unique gameplay and a lot of interesting game mechanics. Conquer new lands and establish your own laws on them!

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