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Finding the best way to gamble online is challenging, but the Parimatch android App is one of the top options to focus on. Once you get their application, you will enter one of the leading betting and gambling websites in the entire world. You will be permanently drawn into the world of entertainment with this high level of service and quality platform, we give you a guarantee! It's a good idea to perform the Parimatch app download and give this app a try today, as it's an excellent way to gamble online responsibly.

Things to know about Parimatch:

  1. Gambling from the comfort of your phone has never been easier, and the Pari Match app can help you achieve that. The company had its roots in Kyiv in 1994, and then it entered the Russian market; after a while, it found an international audience.
  2. They also have a new hub in Prague, so it's an ever-growing, expanding gambling app you do not want to miss. It's a great idea to check our Parimatch download because you can finally gamble via this site just by using your phone.

Parimatch App Features

Patimatch app offers excellent ways to gamble online.

  1. It has a casino with slot games, card games like Blackjack, scratchcards, and a lot of jackpot games. In addition, they also have bonuses for most games, which makes them incredibly rewarding for new players. Aside from that, you also get live casino games featuring real presenters and dealers.
  2. The live games include Macau, Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Arena, Roulette, Mega Wheel, and many others. Regardless of what kind of live games you like, you're going to find something that fits your needs here. And the best part is that presenters make these games interactive and enjoyable.
  3. Moreover, after you download Parimatch app, you will have access to esports betting too. Esports are always very exciting to watch; with this app, you can also bet on your favorites.
  4. Parimatch also has great betting systems which allow you to bet on things like football, horse racing, MMA, or UFC, boxing, tennis, baseball, etc. There's a large selection of options, and you are free to choose what you are betting on and how much you are willing to bet.

Why should you use the Parimatch APK

The Parimatch download app is essential because you can't download the app from Google Play. The store policy doesn't allow gambling/betting apps on that store. Downloading the APK from here is extremely important since it will give you direct access to the Parimatch app experience. In addition, you are free from any viruses or potential problems that can sometimes arise.

Using the Parimatch app has many advantages, with the primary one being portability. You can pick how and when to gamble, and it's possible to do that worldwide if you have an internet connection. The Parimatch APK download Android comes with identical features as the business itself, and you can also set your gambling limits.

Additionally, the large variety of gambling options ranging from standard to live casino or sports betting, makes Parimatch an exceptional solution for anyone that enjoys betting online. The focus is on safety since all payments and communication go through their encryption system. The app will not leak any data; instead, it will keep all your private information safe, away from prying eyes.


After the Parimatch download app process, you will have many bonuses for newcomers. For example, when it comes to esports betting, you have a bet of $10 and get $30, similar to combat sports betting, where you get $40 in bets for the same amount.

In addition, in the case of slot games, you receive up to 200 free spins, 50 free spins for each $5 deposit. If you want a deal for live casinos, you can wager $10 and receive $50 for your first deposit. The way this works is that you have 1 x $20 and then 3 x $10 for select games. These bonuses are only for new players. However, Parimatch also runs some bonuses for existing users occasionally, so you should keep an eye out for them!

Most bonuses are for first time users ONLY. It’s very important to read the bonus description and ensure that you are qualified for accessing that bonus. Otherwise, the bonus will not apply to you even if you complete the requirements!

Application for iOS

Parimatch is available for iOS, too; however, on this page, we only offer a Pari match download for Android. However, if you want to download the application for iOS, you will need to register an account with the bookmarker. Once you do that, you will receive a download link directly to the personal cabinet.

Doing this is a great way to ensure you can play Parimatch games and start betting directly from your iOS device. The experience is always the same, with the Parimatch download apps making it easy to access this service from your mobile device. You will find it much easier to use the mobile app for betting, and it can be just as great for the live casino or esports betting.

In addition, the iOS and Android apps are incredibly versatile; they offer a native user experience. You can also use these on your phone or a tablet; everything will scale according to the device's resolution. That way, you always have fun using Parimatch without worrying about any errors or problems. And since the mobile apps for Parimatch have no malware, you're always getting a solid return on investment. You can download Parimatch app today for your device and then start betting at any given time without worries.

How to create an account?

One of the advantages of getting the Pari match APK is that you can easily create an account directly from the app. Once you perform the Parimatch app download, you can log in or sign up.

If you don't have a Parimatch account, you can press Sign Up, and then you will have to share your details. These include first and last name, date of birth, and mobile number. It's important to note that your name needs to match your ID because Parimatch will require your ID to ensure you are of betting age.

The verification process is very seamless and fast. While it can vary, the amount of time you spend waiting for verification can be anywhere from an hour to a day at most. Sometimes it can take a little bit more, depending on the situation and how overloaded with work the team at Parimatch is. Verification helps ensure you are of legal betting age. In addition, they also need to know you are a real person and you're not using an alias or someone else's identity. There are many common scams in the gambling world, and that's certainly something to think about as a serious gambler.

The documents they need for verification are proof of identity and address verification via utility bills or bank statements; income verification can also be necessary from a bank statement. Payment methods also need to be verified, so a screenshot of your online statement from online banking can become necessary.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

The Parimatch app supports a multitude of payment methods. These include Pay Pal, but also debit cards, and credit cards. Adding funds to your Parimatch account is simple; you can do that directly from the account interface. You are free to add as many funds as you want. Deposits can take a while to process, so wait for a little bit. If it still doesn't show up, it's a good idea to talk with customer support via live chat. That way, you can receive immediate assistance and help if necessary.

Withdrawing funds is also just as easy, and you have support for the same payment methods. Sometimes withdrawals can be held. It can happen if there's an open investigation into your account or if there are some signs of money laundering. Maybe the account is not verified, in which case verification is paramount before you withdraw anything.

Another essential aspect of the Pari Match app is that you have a daily withdrawal limit per account. If you are trying to withdraw too many times per day, you will need approval from the website, which can take up to 24 hours. It takes so much due to security processing, compliance checks, and other systems.

Supported payment systems
1 Pay Pal
2 Debit Cards
3 Credit Cards

Customer support

The advantage of our Parimatch APK is that once you download the app and create an account, you can contact the support team from anywhere. They are very responsive, and you can easily send an SMS or message them on social media or via the website. The best and most efficient customer support system you can access is via live chat.

The advantage of live chat is that you don't have to extend the back and forth over multiple hours or days. Instead, you receive immediate help from within the app. Doing that will make it easier to save a significant amount of time while still bringing in efficiency and assistance. It's handy to go for a live chat when you have any Parimatch questions or issues. Messaging them on Facebook/Twitter might also work too.

Pros & Cons

Using Parimatch android app is an excellent idea because the betting process has been consistent and highly professional. They also know how to create an exceptional atmosphere for betting, not to mention you have all kinds of games to choose from. It's never easy to identify an excellent betting space, but Parimatch does that with great results and exceptional benefits for all users.


  • The Parimatch app has an experience identical to the website, so you're always getting a native-like approach every time you play the game.
  • Parimatch is known for having very competitive odds, which allow you to gamble and bet the way you want without restrictions.
  • SSL support offers exceptional encryption, making it very safe for users to deposit or withdraw funds without problems.
  • The mobile app offers excellent portability, and you can easily bet from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.


  • Parimatch doesn't bring any sports statistics, so you have to use a third-party app for something like this. Even if it's not a huge downside, it can lead to some problems for users.
  • There are limits to specific payment systems according to where you live. In the UK, you have Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, and VISA; in other countries, you only have access to credit card payments. It's a good idea to check the available payment options for your country before using Parimatch.


Downloading the Parimatch app is an excellent idea if you're looking for an efficient, reliable, and comprehensive betting system. They do an exceptional job at offering a great mobile client that you can use anywhere you want via the Internet. In addition, Parimatch comes with a wealth of games, fair chances, and safety features. Overall, you should consider testing it out, especially if you are passionate about betting online and want to find a safe app to do that through.


Is it mandatory to verify your account when you use the Parimatch app?

An unverified account can still watch live games, place bets and make deposits. However, cashouts are not available until you verify your account. That means even if you win and want to withdraw your winnings, you can't unless you confirm the account first.

Can you use more than one currency?

Yes, Parimatch offers support for multiple currencies. You can add a new currency from your profile via the Wallet section. Here you press Add New, and you will be good to go.

Is it possible to change your Parimatch email address?

No, unfortunately, once you choose an email address, your account will be tied to that. You can only have a single Parimatch account as well.

Does Parimatch offer encryption?

Yes, all data processed via Parimatch is encrypted. That means you never have to worry about data leaks or other problems. All data processed via Parimatch is safe, and you have complete control over it and how it's processed. Parimatch also works according to the Kahnawake gaming commission license.

Is there a minimum betting amount?

Generally, the betting amounts will vary according to the country. In the UK, the minimal bet is 5 GBP, and for India is RS300. It's essential to check the local terms for Parimatch to see the minimal betting amount in your area.

What happens if a payment doesn't go through?

Sometimes, payments might not go through; in those situations, the money is either credited to the account or back to the card. It can take up to 14 work days until you receive your credits, so keep that in mind.

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