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  • Version: 10.8.1
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Lucky Patcher Description

Download Lucky Patcher on Android and enjoy full versions of your favorite programs without buying a license is much easier than it may seem. You have already come to the right place! A special patcher tool makes changes to the installed applications, with which the user gets the opportunity to get rid of annoying ad inserts, unlock access to advanced or PRO-versions, bypass the payment system when buying in-game currency.

How Lucky Patcher works

A lot of games and programs come with a standard code for interacting with the Play Market, but assume the presence of enhanced protection against hacking. After you download the APK Lucky Patcher tool scans the applications installed on your mobile device and allows you to make various changes to them.

For full-fledged operation of the patcher requires root rights, without which it will not be able to change the code, permissions, system settings of the application or game.

With the utility is available to disable the license check option, which means that the owner of the smartphone will be able to run pirated software and paid games without buying them from the official app store. The tool bypasses all sorts of protective algorithms and restrictions provided by developers.

If you download the latest version of Lucky Patcher, you will be able to block annoying ads in applications and games, but it does not work always and everywhere, because developers are also not dormant, and improve the protection of products.

The tool is also able to hack stores by LVL-emulation of purchase and payment processes in various ways, that is, with it unlimited purchases in in-game stores will be available. And it will also allow you to run offline those games that require an internet connection to work.

The applications scanned by the patcher are sorted into convenient lists, where those applications are promoted to the beginning, "cure" from the license which will not be difficult.

The functionality of Lucky Patcher on Android:

  1. Cutting out Google Play license verification
  2. disabling ads in the form of banners and full-screen videos
  3. Access to all in-game features (ability to buy in-game currency, paid bonuses, resources, etc.)
  4. Creation of application clones (it is convenient if, for example, there are several accounts in messenger).

Special tools are also available, with which every smartphone owner will feel himself the owner of the application. For example, you can create an APK-file of the game, modified according to your settings.

Advantages and disadvantages

Lucky Patcher is a unique automated system for Android devices that creates and connects patches. It has many advantages:

  • Saves money. After removing the license tracking will be able to use most applications, as well as free to buy in-game currency, resources
  • Improved user experience. A special tool easily blocks and cuts out advertising inserts, which are so annoying in the course of the game
  • Simplicity of the interface, with which even a beginner can understand, in addition, the developers offer detailed instructions
  • Availability and security. The tool is distributed on a free basis, and downloading it, you can not be afraid of viruses, as all APK-files on our site are checked by antivirus.
  • There is a version in Russian


  • The utility is recognized by antivirus as a harmful medium, but this is a normal phenomenon and there is nothing to fear, because any patching is perceived by the system as a potential threat
  • Necessity to obtain root rights on the device

What is required to run Lucky Patcher:

  1. Android OS version at least 4.0
  2. root rights
  3. at least 11 MB of free space

Before applying the patcher it is not a bad idea to make a backup copy of the modified application, because after making changes it may not be possible to buy the program/game for which the patch was installed.

You can download Lucky Patcher APK by clicking the button below.

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